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A hit-and-run incident is a very grievous one. It leaves someone with no-one to legally pursue and is usually very complicated. Compensations for such accidents are hard to determine. Without the proper information, it might leave you without legal redress. A hit and run accident lawyer is useful for any hit-and-run event and ensures that you get your compensation through legal means. Our North Tonawanda car accident lawyers are well versed in the complexities of hit and run cases. Let’s see some of the factors surrounding such incidences and how best to manage them.

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Why Would A Driver Leave the Scene After an Accident?

For most hit and run incidences, the people involved usually remain at the scene until things are sorted out. Others leave in an adrenaline-filled fit of rage while others flee outright. For instance, uninsured drivers without a means to pay the injured victim’s compensation will often flee the scene.

There are many reasons for drivers leaving the scene after an accident. Evading punishment is one of the main reasons, and many drivers see the reason for the accident as a threat to them. The driver will think that leaving the scene of the accident will not get them caught eventually.

Panic is also another reason for the driver to leave the scene. If the vehicle they are driving is stolen and they do not have permission, they will likely leave the scene. The driver might be driving a vehicle that belongs to an employer, and they do not want the employer knowing about the accident. The driver will leave the scene to avoid losing their job and keep the employer in the dark about the incident.

Unpaid tickets are another reason for the driver leaving the hit-and-run scene or when they have warrants for arrest. Drivers that are in the country illegally will also leave the scene to avoid deportation. If the injuries that have been caused by accident can lead to a criminal record, the driver will most likely flee to avoid tarnishing their name.

a hit and run accident lawyer looks at why drivers leave the scene

What Should You Do If a Driver Leaves After a Car Accident?

Legally, you are responsible for sticking around at the accident scene instead of following the fleeing driver. Do not make any attempt to follow the other driver as this is unpredictable and dangerous.

Call the police immediately while the report is still full of details. The report will be critical in locating the hit and run driver as well as for your compensation claims. The moment the police hear about your accident, they will immediately begin to track down the driver while they are still on the road.

Be prepared to provide as many details as possible to the police. Take notes and snap photographs of the scene and any damage that has been caused to your vehicle. Ideally, you should be able to remember the license plate of the other driver’s car. If not, you should describe the vehicle and the driver. The car color, make, and model is essential to note. Unique identifiers like bumper stickers are also useful details.

Based on the collision that happened, you should predict where the other vehicle incurred damage. You can request any witnesses to remain behind to talk to the police. They might have more information to help the police.

Remember to make a call to your insurance company and inform them about the accident. Please include the information that it is a hit-and-run accident immediately to enable them to start processing your claim.

Ensure that you receive medical assistance at the scene for any injuries incurred. Medical records are essential when the other driver gets apprehended, as you will make a better case.

When you and the witnesses have spoken to the police, ask when the report will be ready. Also, obtain their names and badge numbers to obtain the complete report more efficiently.

Perhaps the most important step is to contact a hit and run accident lawyer.

What Damages Can Victims Get From A Hit and Run Accident Claim in North Tonawanda?

Fleeing the scene of the accident incurs punitive damages for the other driver. The victim will also be entitled to damages covering medical expenses, pain, suffering, and lost wages. The damage is always proportionate to the harm caused instead of the defendant’s behavior of fleeing the scene.

In North Tonawanda, your insurance policy will pay for damages after the hit and run incident. Unless the running driver is found or turns themselves in, there will be no way to hold them accountable. A no-fault claim with your insurance should be enough to get you the compensation you deserve after the accident.

How Long do I Have to File a Claim for a Hit and Run Accident in North Tonawanda?

By default, you are required to report accidents to your insurer immediately they happen. Often, this should be within 30 days after the incident. You can make a claim directly, or you can make use of a hit and run accident lawyer. The Statute of Limitations for a car accident case is 3 years, so you’ll want to contact a hit and run accident lawyer right away. Direct claims are not easy or quick, and it will require a lot of work to obtain relevant information. It will also be stressful to follow up on the claim’s progress.

contact a hit and run accident lawyer right away as there are time limits to filing a claim

Why do I Need a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer?

A Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer  handling your hit-and-run accident claim in North Tonawanda changes the entire process’s dynamics. You do not have to go through a lot of trouble, and you will be able to receive the right compensation amount. The hit and run accident lawyer ensures that all the leg work is done on your behalf, and the amount awarded to you is what you are legally entitled to. A lawyer will also follow up on your behalf to see that the process gets to completion. They will process your claims more effectively and ensure that you do not get unfair compensation for your incurred damage.

Hit and run accidents are common, and the driver that causes the accidents might leave the scene. When they do, do not panic or follow them. Stay behind at the accident scene and help the police do their work. Also, collect reports and file your insurance claim for compensation.

A hit and run accident lawyer can help with the claim but remaining at the scene gets the reports prepared. Please stay on the safe side of the law when these accidents happen and let the police and your insurer do their work. Find the best lawyers at North Tonawanda and get your hit and run compensation claims quickly.

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