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With so many vehicles out in the roads of New York there’s always a risk of getting into an accident. If you’ve recently had a hit and run situation in Tonawanda then it’s best to contact a reputable hit and run accident lawyer in Tonawanda. Our team of car accident lawyers at Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers is always here to lend a helping hand.

Most of the time, injuries related to car accidents and hit-and-runs result in a massive financial hit and emotional trauma. The good news is that you can be compensated for those losses and get benefits. With the cash you receive you can move forward with your life.

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Why Would a Driver Leave the Scene After an Accident?

Fear response is the most common reaction when faced with a sudden auto accident.

It’s when the driver becomes unable to comprehend what has happened. He or she is usually not equipped with the appropriate reaction. If this is the case then they enter a ‘fight or flight mode’, or experience a panic attack. Since they’re already behind the wheel the most logical thing is to drive away from it all.

There are times when the driver is fully aware of what he or she has done. However, because of different circumstances, they will want to avoid speaking with law enforcement in fear of getting charged with a more serious offense.

A driver will likely do a hit-and-run if he or she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, due to fear of being caught. It’s the same situation when the motorist doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, or when they were clearly doing something else, e.g., texting or staring at their smartphone while driving in New York.

Leaving the scene of a car accident will have serious repercussions for the perpetrator. If they leave in a hurry without anyone getting hurt, they will be charged with a misdemeanor. If they do get anyone injured, then it’s a case of felony.

What Should You Do If a Driver Leaves After a Car Accident?

Once it’s established that there’s been a hit-and-run, a process takes place.

Law enforcement, most likely the local police will arrive at the scene and start an investigation. Witnesses and victims are required to stay at the site and provide details as to what took place.

The Tonawanda police may use resources such as CCTV cameras from establishments or ones in traffic lights to see what happened. They can proceed to test the paint and determine the color in order to narrow down vehicle types.

hit and run accident lawyer Tonawanda

As a witness or victim, it’s important to have the presence of mind to write down or remember details, such as the driver’s license plate, make and model of car, and where the vehicle sped off to. These things will be helpful for the police officers in tracking down the hit-and-run driver.

Once this is done you should give your insurance company a call. It’s possible that collision coverage will pay for the damages, but a payment on deductibles is to be expected. Also, uninsured motorist coverage can also cover the injury costs sustained in the accident.

What Damages Can Victims Get From a Hit and Run Accident Claim in New York?

A hit-and-run accident claim can run two ways- when the perpetrator has been found and when they haven’t been located and are still at large.

If law enforcement has somehow found and arrested the hit-and-run driver, then you can bring forth a claim so they can pay for the damages, e.g., the medical bills, lost work hours and more. With the help of a professional expert like Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers, you can settle out of court or proceed with confidence knowing you have a winning case in your hands.

If the hit-and-run driver hasn’t been found, then you can file a claim through your insurance provider, particularly personal injury protection benefits, uninsured motorist coverage and supplementary uninsured motorist coverage.

For those who haven’t insured their automobile or don’t own one, they can claim for damages as stated in the Motor Vehicle Indemnification Act. As stated in Law Section 5217 in New York Insurance Law, the victim (you) must have had physical contact with the perpetrator’s vehicle to file for compensation on medical bills, pain and suffering and lost work hours.

Hire a top-notch Tonawanda lawyer from Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers to get a favorable outcome in your hit-and-run case. We make sure to work our hardest so you can get what’s rightfully yours.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim for a Hit and Run Accident in New York?

You should call the police as soon as possible to start the investigation process. A police report is vital as it can serve as evidence that you’ve been involved in a car accident.

Filing claims with insurance providers are time-sensitive. Prove that you’ve sustained significant injury and compensation should be given to you for your pain and suffering.

Why Do I Need a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer?

Personal injury litigation and auto accident claims will require the help of a knowledgeable hit and run accident lawyer. Contact Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers and you can expect a strong case to be built in your behalf. Furthermore, we can help with the processing of claims with your insurance company for a most favorable outcome.

A lawyer becomes a vital part of insurance or legal claims, especially for those who don’t know where to start. A helpful hit and run accident lawyer will be your guide to navigating the legal processes involved in a hit-and-run accident. You’ll have the backing of a professional who knows everything there is in the situation you’re in.

Contact a Tonawanda Hit and Run Accident Lawyer for a Free Case Review

There’s no telling what a hit-and-run driver is thinking until they’re arrested and brought to justice. For your part, getting back on your feet should take top priority, something that Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers can bring.

Working with a Tonawanda hit and run accident lawyer makes things easier from start to finish. Being compensated doesn’t have to be connected to the situation- you can get benefits when you’re a victim of a hit-and-run with a competent lawyer by your side.​​​​

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