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Head-on collision or frontal crash accidents are considered to be the most severe types of car accidents. That is because head-on collisions usually have a strong impact since both vehicles are heading in the opposite direction. This type of accident has been known to cause serious fatalities or harm to those who are involved in the head-on collision accident. If you live in Tonawanda, New York and you have been involved in a frontal crash accident, consult a head-on collision lawyer to help you seek compensation for any injuries that you might have sustained.

It is your right to get compensated for not only injuries sustained, but also for damaged property. Contact one of our Tonawanda accident attorneys today at Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers law firm, and lets us help you fight for your rights.

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Common Causes Of Head-On Collisions

According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the majority of frontal crash accidents occur as a result of negligence. Below are other common causes of head-on collisions in Tonawanda, New York.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is considered to be the number one cause of head-on collision accidents in this region. Many drivers have become used to multitasking when they are behind the wheel. There are many reasons that lead to such activity such as technology. In most cases, drivers are often found using their cell phones to text and read emails while driving. Such distraction is what causes head-on collisions to occur.

A head-on collision caused by distracted driiving

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is prohibited in many states. That is because many drivers find it difficult to control their vehicles when they are under the influence of alcohol. You can get arrested and charged for this offense or end up causing an accident if you get away from the police. Drunk drivers have been known to cause frontal crash accidents since most of them fail to stick to one lane and swerve across the road without any warning to the other drivers.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Sometimes head-on collisions can occur because of poor weather conditions. It becomes difficult to see the road when there are severe weather conditions. That is why drivers are advised to drive at a low speed when the region is experiencing inclement weather such as heavy rainfall or even dense fog. Head-on collisions are known to occur when there is reduced visibility.


No matter how experienced you are at driving, speeding can easily lead to an accident. That is because the driver has less time to act when trying to avoid an accident. It is also difficult to gain control of your vehicle when driving at a high speed. Besides, not being able to regain control of the vehicle once it loses control, sometimes drivers fail to see road signs that may be used temporarily to re-direct traffic because of various reasons such as road resurfacing and construction.

Failing To Obey Traffic Signals And Signs

Another major cause of head-on collisions in this region is drivers failing to obey traffic signals and signs. This usually happens when there is a traffic jam and every driver is trying to find a way out of it. Such negligence causes some of the cars to collide head-on. That is why drivers are urged to obey traffic signals and signs at all times.

Damages You Can Receive Through A Head-On Collision Claim In Tonawanda, New York

If you are involved in a head-on collision accident, you can pursue the damages listed below with the help of our head-on collision lawyer.

Economic Damages

Economic damages usually take into account any kind of financial loss that the victim may have incurred as a result of the outcome of the accident. Financial losses cover medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capability, physical rehabilitation and therapy as well as property loss and damage.

Non-Economic Damages

Non- economic damages involve victim’s damages that cannot be measured such as emotional and physical pain. That means a head-on collision victim can be compensated for subjective losses including any kind of suffering and pain, disfigurement, emotional distress and not being able to enjoy life.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are rarely awarded by the jury and the only time this type of damages are considered is when a defendant is considered to have been extremely reckless.

Why You Need A Head-on Collision Lawyer For A Head-On Collision Claim

If you want to receive a fair settlement for your head-on collision claim, then you might want to hire an experienced head-on collision attorney. That is because there are many parties involved in a head-on collision claim and not just the defendant. Some of the parties involved in such a claim are the insurance providers of the defendant, the police as well as legal representatives of the defendant.

You also need to be aware of the fact that the insurance company will look for reasons to deny you your claim or make sure that you are awarded the minimum amount for your head-on collision claim. However, with the help of a head-on collision attorney, you do not have to worry about such matters since your head-on collision lawyer will use effective legal means to get a fair settlement for you.

a head-on collision lawyer will seek maximum compensation

How Much Will a Head-on Collision Lawyer Cost?

At Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers law firm, we understand the loss that comes with being involved in a head-on collision accident. That is why we first prioritize working on the victim’s case without requesting any kind of upfront legal fees. However, our law firm does get a contingency fee after winning a head-on collision case.

How Long Do You Have To File A Claim For A Heal-On Collision Claim In Tonawanda, New York?

According to the state statute of limitations, the deadline for filing a head-on collision claim is three years from the time the frontal crash accident takes place.

An Experienced Head-on collision lawyer is here to help!

Do not try to pursue a head-on collision claim without the help of an experienced legal representative. That is because your chances of getting a fair settlement will be very less. Therefore, contact the Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers law firm, today by calling (716) 261-2614, and let us help you with your case.

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