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A hit and run accident typically involves any kind of vehicle and a hit-and-run driver pertains to someone who leaves the scene in Niagara Falls. If you yourself as a victim, you will want to contact a hit and run accident lawyer as soon as possible. As a victim, you or any individual that has suffered because of the hit-and-run driver’s negligence can get compensated with cash to cover injury and accident costs, including lost income, medical bills, and property damage.

Getting in touch with Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers is your first step in getting the compensation you deserve. One of our Niagara Falls Car Accident Lawyers We will do our best to win your case and negotiate with your insurance company. Furthermore, we can help track down the reckless driver and bring him or her to justice.

Why Would a Driver Leave the Scene After an Accident?

The most likely reason why a motorist becomes a hit-and-run driver is due to the fear response. These kinds of accidents occur suddenly and in such a shocking way that the mind may not be able to process the situation. The first instinct is to ‘run away’ and leave the victim(s) behind.

Once this happens the driver can either be charged with felony if you or other people get injured or misdemeanor if no one got hurt. The fear response is sometimes stronger than stopping to think or obey the law.

A driver may also be in a confused state due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In this scenario, they may not have the correct judgment and drive away without knowing there’s been an accident. In the same vein, motorists who are taking medication for mental issues or high blood pressure may be under a stupor and experience slower-than-normal reaction times.

The perpetrator may have been engaged in an illegal activity, such as driving without a license which means he or she will get arrested as soon as the police arrives on the scene. They may not know that a hit-and-run incident adds or leads to more serious consequences as stated by the law.

a hit and run accident lawyer looks at why people leave an accident scene

What Should You Do If a Driver Leaves After a Car Accident?

It’s important that you take notes and write down details such as the make, model and color of the automobile. Get the license number if possible. You can also take a photo or video using your smartphone.

Stay and wait for the police to arrive, then record a statement with them. You should share the information you’ve written down or show them the photo of the runaway car.

Get in touch with your insurance company and report it as soon as possible. Collision coverage usually covers hit-and-run events, and if this is the case then the provider should cover the damages.

Some insurance policies will have uninsured motorist coverage, which means you get compensation any time the driver who caused the accident is uninsured. Since hit-and-run drivers are classified as ‘not insured’, you may be able to get payment for rehabilitation, lost hours, medical expenses and more.

What Damages Can Victims Get From a Hit and Run Accident Claim in New York?

The hit-and-run driver must be identified before claims can be brought. If not, you can file the SUM, or Supplementary Uninsured Motorist policy with your insurance provider so you can get compensated for the suffering and pain caused by the accident.

In instances where the driver can’t be found, you can file a claim under Supplementary Uninsured Motorist, Uninsured Motorist and Personal Injury Protection coverage with your insurance provider.

UIM and PIP are usually covered under standard auto insurance policies in New York. You can get basic PIP for the first $50K under injuries, while UIM can cover $50K per accident or $25K per individual.

SUM coverage can be equal to the amount covered in the bodily injury liability policy. However, you should file for this as soon as possible as it has a short deadline.

If you don’t have a vehicle or haven’t insured it, you may still be able to get compensation for your suffering and pain, as well as medical bills, lost wages and benefits under the Motor Vehicle Indemnification Act.

At Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers, we strive to get the highest possible compensation for each hit-and-run case. Our hardworking attorneys will work on every angle to ensure the best outcome.

a hit and run lawyer will seek maximum compensation

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim for a Hit and Run Accident in New York?

In events where a driver has caused personal injury, the victim will have a certain time period where he or she can file a lawsuit in New York’s civil court system. This depends on whether it resulted to property damage, injury, or death and could be from just 10 days or up to 2-3 years. If a legal claim is made after the deadline then the court system may not honor it unless there’s a special exception, e.g., if you haven’t experienced any negative effects until some time has passed. If you’ve been in an auto accident or experienced a hit and run in Niagara Falls, it’s recommended to contact a knowledgeable hit and run accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Why Do I Need a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer?

It’s not a lost cause when a motorist drives away after causing an accident. Regardless of whether the perpetrator is found or not you can still get compensated for lost work hours and medical expenses, among others.

You will have to go through insurance hoops to try for a claim. However, most insurance companies will not hand over the cash so easily. Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers can make sure that you’d be getting maximum compensation no matter the situation.

Call us today to speak with New York’s top hit-and-run accident and injury attorneys. We will be by your side from the start all the way to you receiving your rightful claim.

Contact a Niagara Falls Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Getting into a hit-and-run the first time can be disorienting. You may not know what to do or if you can get money for your injury.

Thankfully, Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers can help. If the hit-and-run driver is found, then great. You’ll be able to file a lawsuit and claim payment for damages. If not, then you will need to speak with your insurance provider and get compensation via uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection policies.

In all these events an injury lawyer in Niagara Falls, New York can serve as your guide to all the legal procedures you have to go through. It’s not enough to hire the first lawyer you see- hire the best New York personal injury attorney to get the best results. Call Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers today!​​​

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