Car Accident Settlement: What Is the Average Worth?

Whenever one of our Buffalo car accident attorneys meet with a client for the first time, they almost always have the same question. They don’t care about the legal process as much as they care about how much money they’re going to get. The problem is that we can’t tell our clients exactly what their case is worth.

Every case is unique. The facts of your case will help determine what kind of damages you can demand. But they don’t tell us the precise value of your case. This can be frustrating for a lot of our clients and potential clients. As accident victims, they want the defendant to be held accountable. They don’t believe this can be done unless they pay a specific dollar amount.

Here, we’ll talk about how much the average car accident case settles for. We’ll also talk about the various factors that can make one case worth more than another. If you still have questions after reading the full article, don’t worry. All you have to do is call our office and speak with one of our Buffalo personal injury attorneys. Take advantage of your initial, free consultation so you can find out for yourself what kind of car accident case you have.

Why Do So Many Car Accident Cases Settle Out of Court?

It’s no secret that more than 95% of all personal injury lawsuits settle out of court. Nobody wants to go to trial if they don’t have to. There are several reasons for this:

  • Both parties run the risk of losing in court
  • Trials can take a year or longer to resolve
  • It is very expensive to take a case to trial
  • You won’t get your money until the case is over
  • There’s a chance the defendant will file bankruptcy and you’ll never see a dime

Both sides are aware of these things. The insurance company doesn’t want to go to trial any more than the plaintiff does. This is why you need to seriously consider settling your case.

Settling does not mean that you walk away with nothing. There’s definitely a chance you’ll walk away with less than you initially demanded. That’s the point of negotiating a settlement. Both sides have to compromise. However, your Buffalo personal injury attorney will try their best to get enough money to cover your out-of-pocket expenses as well as your pain and suffering.

Certain Cases are Worth More than Others

Common sense dictates that some car accident cases are worth more than others. For example, a rear-end collision is rarely going to be worth as much as a head-on collision. People involved in a rear-end crash often suffer minor injuries, such as whiplash or a sprained wrist. People involved in a head-on collision often end up with extremely serious medical issues, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Facial lacerations
  • Burn injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Amputation
  • Paralysis

Somebody who suffers this sort of injury is going to be worthy of an awful lot I pain and suffering. On top of that, they may be able to justify punitive damages. In a head-on collision, the defendant is often found to have behaved recklessly. Perhaps they were drunk or high at the time of the crash. Or maybe they were trying to evade the police and went down the highway the wrong way. In either case, it’s not hard to imagine wanting to punish them for their behavior and send a message to other motorists.

Are There Certain Amounts Paid for Certain Injuries?

This is a tough question and one that a lot of our clients ask. For some injuries, such as whiplash, we can provide a ballpark figure. Whiplash, for instance, is usually only worth about $5,000. Similarly, a sprained wrist or ankle isn’t going to be worth a whole lot more than whiplash.

Other injuries, however, warrant a much higher amount in damages. If you suffer a traumatic brain injury and can no longer do the same job you did before the crash, you may be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The same would be true if you end up suffering bad burns and scarring as a result of the car accident. It all depends on your medical records and whether or not the defendant can prove you were partially at fault.

Your Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Will Get You as Much Money as Possible

When we discuss the idea of a settlement with some of our clients, they get upset. They insist they want their day in court and won’t settle for anything less. However, once we explain what can happen if they go to trial, many of them change their tune.

As explained above, settling your case is often in your best interest. There’s no reason to go to trial only to find out the judge or jury had sided with the defendant. Not only will you get nothing, but you may be forced to pay their attorney fees. Rather than have this happen, you need to seriously consider your Buffalo auto accident attorney’s recommendation that you settle out of court.

Come In and Meet with One of Our Seasoned Buffalo Car Accident Attorneys

In the days after your car accident, you’re going to have your hands full. You have to file your insurance claim right away. You also have to make sure you get a copy of the police report from the local barracks. On top of this, you may be dealing with some pretty serious physical injuries. Rather than try to handle all of this yourself, you should call and talk to one of our Buffalo auto accident attorneys.

Our lawyers dedicate most of their time to motor vehicle accident cases. They make up the lion’s share of our caseload. Thankfully, most of these cases settle long before they go to trial. Our goal is to get our clients as much money as possible. We understand that we’ll have to compromise on a few issues. Nobody gets everything they want during a negotiation. However, we have your best interests at heart and won’t encourage you to accept anything less than what you deserve.

Call our office as soon as possible after your crash. Schedule your free, initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. They can give you the information, guidance and peace of mind you need at a time like this.