Personal Injury Lawyer: Why Do I Even Need One?

One of the things our personal injury attorneys in Buffalo, New York have learned over the years is that people tend to be afraid to hire a lawyer. Even after they’ve been in a car accident, they think they’re supposed to at least try to resolve it on their own. The truth is, there are many benefits to hiring one of the best auto accident lawyers in Buffalo. Not only will they work hard to get you the money you deserve, but they’ll make your life a lot easier.

In the days and weeks following your motor vehicle accident, you’re not going to feel up to dealing with insurance companies. Between the phone calls, emails, and paperwork, it can feel like a part-time job. If you suffered serious injuries, you won’t be in a position to do these things. That’s why it makes sense to hire a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, New York.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of hiring an attorney as soon as possible after your car crash. We’ll also explain why having an attorney by your side can increase your chances of recovering damages. If you have questions or concerns about your car accident case, just give us a call. You can set up your free consultation right over the phone.

Your Personal Injury Attorney in Buffalo, New York Will Help File Your Claim

It may not seem like it’s all that hard to file your auto accident insurance claim. However, if you don’t do it right the first time, your claim may be denied. You have to make sure you submit the right information on the right forms. You also have to file your claim in time.

When it comes to your filing deadline, it can be tricky to figure out. Most insurance policies do not spell out exactly how long you have to file your claim. Usually, the policy simply states that it must be filed within a “reasonable” timeframe. The problem is that what you may think is reasonable could be different from what the insurance company thinks is reasonable.

When you hire one of the best auto accident lawyers in Buffalo, you don’t have to worry about this. Not only do they know to file a claim properly, but they’ll also make sure it’s filed on time. Once the insurance carrier receives your claim., they’ll have to decide whether to approve it or not. If it’s approved, you’ll receive your check within a matter of weeks. If, however, it’s denied, you’ll need a personal injury attorney in Buffalo to help you file an appeal.

What Happens if You Lose Your Appeal?

If you’re handling your own claim, then you’ll also have to handle your own appeal. This can be even more difficult than filing the initial claim. Depending on why the insurance company denied your claim, you may not know what to say on appeal. Thankfully, if you have an attorney handling things for you, this won’t be a problem.

Some of the reasons the insurance company may have denied your claim include the following:

  • The policy was not valid or had cancelled for non-payment
  • The insurance adjuster thinks you caused the crash
  • There was very little damage to your vehicle
  • They don’t believe your injuries were as serious as you made them out to be
  • You filed your claim too late
  • You didn’t file the proper information

For most of these reasons, your personal injury attorney in Buffalo, New York will be able to file an appeal. This isn’t the case if the policy wasn’t valid. There’s nothing anyone can do to convince an insurance company to pay a claim on an invalid policy. However, for the other reasons, your attorney will simply put the evidence together showing that you weren’t at fault and resubmit it. If your appeal is still denied, then you’ll have to consider filing suit.

The Best Auto Accident Lawyers in Buffalo Know How to File Suit

It may come to the point where your only option is to file a personal injury lawsuit. Who better to handle this for you than a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, New York? Not only are they familiar with New York law, but they also understand the legal process. They’ll know what information to submit with your initial claims. They also know the court fees and filing deadlines.

One important thing you won’t have to worry about is missing the New York statute of limitations period. This is the law that dictates how long you have to file suit. If you happen to miss this date, your claim will be dismissed, and you won’t be able to refile. Thankfully, your lawyer won’t allow this to happen. They’ll make sure it’s filed in plenty of time.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Buffalo, New York

Hiring one of the best auto accident attorneys in Buffalo can make all the difference in your accident case. As explained earlier, the insurance company will take you more seriously if you’re represented by an attorney. You won’t have to worry about the insurance adjuster taking advantage of you. Plus, you’ll have someone who knows New York law handling your case. This means you won’t have to worry about filing the wrong forms or paying the wrong fee.

While there’s no law requiring you to hire a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, New York, it’s a good idea to have someone to help with your case. Preparing for trial, if that’s what it comes to, can be very expensive. It also takes an awful lot of time. Most people, especially those who work full-time, can’t afford to take the time off to do what needs to be done. This is why it’s a good idea to call a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, New York and schedule your free, initial consultation. Since it doesn’t cost you anything, you have nothing to lose. Since the defendant is going to have a lawyer working for them, it’s a good idea if you do too.