Car Accident: First Steps After One Happens

Recent statistics show that 12.15 million automobiles were involved in car accidents in 2019 throughout the United States. That is an alarming number meaning that the probability of even the most cautious drivers getting in an accident is quite high. You might feel shocked, dizzy from adrenaline, or outraged at the driver who caused the accident, but you need to maintain your composure and take the necessary steps.

Although the post-accident procedure is typically standard, it is not always simple or straightforward. To begin with, keeping a cool head can help you document the accident more extensively and correctly. Also, hire a Buffalo automobile accident attorney so they can walk you through the process more smoothly.

The tips below can help you prepare for an auto accident’s distressing consequences and get through the claims process more efficiently and successfully.

Get Out of Danger and Determine If Anyone Has Been Injured:

Never, ever leave the site of an accident, no matter how little, unless you are injured. Your prime focus should be on your safety. Pull over at a safe spot on the road and inspect everyone in your vehicle. If someone is hurt, you must immediately call 911 and report any injuries you or the other driver might have sustained in a respectful and calm voice.

The operator will require your location. So, be ready to provide a street address or other helpful information. The operator will most likely inquire about your injury and may give you instructions.

Dial the Buffalo, NY Police Department:

If a car accident results in an injury or death, failing to report it is an offense. In the event of a severe or a fatal injury-causing car collision in Buffalo, New York, the driver is expected to:

  • Pullover and wait for help
  • Determine if an individual involved in the car accident needs help
  • Notify the local police department of the accident

Stay at the crash scene until your responsibilities to provide information and receive assistance have been fulfilled

When the authorities show up and you submit a report, be sure to give them all of the details you have. An official copy of the police report will be available upon request.

Exchange Information:

Take images of documents with your cellphone camera, or write down the names, addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers of every individual involved in the crash with a pen and paper.

Determine the person’s link to the vehicle’s owner if the driver’s name does not match the car’s insurance and registration paperwork.

Then collect all car information, including the year, make, color, model, VIN, and license plate number. If the other party does not report the collision, get the insurance policy and the company’s phone number. See if any eyewitnesses are willing to offer you their contact information and specific details about what they saw.

Never give out your Social Security number, your insurance policy’s coverage limits, or other personal information.

Document the Scene:

A Buffalo automobile accident attorney suggests that you use your smartphone’s camera, video, and voice memo functions to gather as much information as possible about the incident.

Do a visual inspection of the car to determine the direction and severity of the damage. The simplest way to do this is to take a snapshot of the complete vehicle and close-up photos of the damage to your car and the other party.

The date and time of the collision should be recorded, and any skid marks or property damage that may have occurred. Do not forget to take note of road names, the route, and the direction that each car was traveling before and after the collision.

Map out the accident scene with a diagram. Using your phone’s voice memo app, jot down what happened as soon as you can remember it. Be sure to include details on the current weather and any haze in the area.

Seek Medical Help:

If you’ve been gravely hurt, you should forego the preceding actions and seek medical attention. In case you do not receive timely medical attention after suffering a catastrophic injury, you run the risk of suffering long-term disability or even death.

Even if you are not gravely hurt, the same should still be followed. Seek medical attention as quickly as possible for your injuries.

Don’t forget to keep detailed records of all of your doctor’s appointments and injuries. Later, your lawyer can help organize this data and use it as crucial evidence to support your claim for damages.

Call Your Insurance Company:

It doesn’t matter who was at fault for the collision; you need to tell your own insurance carrier right away. Even if you were at fault for the accident, you might be able to get reimbursement from your own insurance company if you have specific insurance kinds of insurance like Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

Be Proactive, Not Reactive:

When you’re prepared, it’s simpler to remain calm in the aftermath of an accident. Having a checklist on hand will assist you in navigating the process because it’s doubtful you will remember everything when you’re in a state of shock.

Hire an Experienced Buffalo Car Accident Attorney:

After an automobile accident, retaining the services of an experienced Buffalo automobile accident attorney is a critical consideration. It’s nearly always in your best advantage to get an attorney, even if you don’t think you need one, because your insurance company may not be on your side.

A Buffalo Automobile Accident Attorney Can Help with Your Insurance Claim:

After an automobile accident, retaining the services of experienced Buffalo personal injury attorneys is a critical consideration. For years, our Buffalo car accident lawyers have represented their clients who have been injured in car accidents due to the negligence of others. If you have certain concerns or any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. To book a consultation with us, simply call us at (716) 261-2614.