What Are the Common Problems With Adjusters?

Have you ever dealt with an insurance adjuster after an accident or claim? If so, you know it can be a frustrating process. Adjusters want to minimize payouts while you want your claim settled fairly. It often feels like you’re on opposite sides, even though the adjuster works for your insurance company.

With the right approach and the help of a Lockport car crash attorney, you can avoid the most common problems people have with adjusters. This article will cover key mistakes to steer clear of and tips to make the claims process smoother. You’ll learn how to get an adjuster on your side so your claim is handled properly.

Delayed or Low Settlement Offers

Insurance adjusters are notorious for dragging their feet or lowballing claims. They’ll do whatever it takes to delay payment or offer you the bare minimum, hoping you’ll take it and move on. Don’t fall for their tactics.

Adjusters are adept at stalling while they “review” your claim. They may say they’re waiting on paperwork or need additional information when they’re really just biding their time. Stay on them by following up regularly and resending any requested documents. If they continue to drag their feet, you may need to get legal counsel involved.

Lack of Communication and Transparency

Insurance adjusters are infamous for their poor communication and lack of transparency. Once you’ve filed a claim, it can feel like it goes into a black hole. Calls and emails go unanswered for days, leaving you wondering what’s happening with your claim.

It’s frustrating when adjusters don’t return calls or respond to messages. While they have heavy caseloads, it doesn’t excuse poor customer service. You deserve updates on the status of your claim and to have your questions answered. If an adjuster is unresponsive, speak to their manager and file a complaint.

adjusters will always try to deny or devalue your claim

Adjusters Minimizing or Denying Valid Claims

When filing an insurance claim, one of the most frustrating experiences is having an adjuster minimize or deny your valid claim. Unfortunately, some adjusters may not fully investigate the details or extent of damage. They may fail to consider all factors that contribute to your loss.

Many new adjusters lack the necessary experience to handle complex claims properly. They may miss key details that an experienced adjuster would notice. New adjusters are also more prone to taking shortcuts in their investigations to speed up the claims process. If you feel your adjuster’s inexperience has led to an improper claim determination, request to have your claim reassigned to a more senior adjuster.

Perceived Bias Towards Insurance Company

Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies, so there is an inherent conflict of interest. Their role is to evaluate claims and determine how much the insurance company should pay out, if at all. Naturally, the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible. This can lead to a perception that adjusters are biased in favor of the company.

Adjusters are trained to interpret insurance policies in ways that benefit the company strictly. They may deny claims over technicalities or due to ambiguous language in the policy. While legally justified, these decisions reinforce the belief that adjusters care more about the company’s bottom line than the customer.

Unprofessional Conduct and Rude Behavior

It’s unfortunate, but some insurance adjusters display unprofessional and disrespectful behavior. As a policyholder, you should not have to deal with rude adjusters during an already stressful insurance claim process.

Some adjusters fail to return phone calls or respond to messages in a timely manner. They may leave you in the dark about the status of your claim for days or even weeks. This lack of communication and responsiveness is unacceptable. You deserve an adjuster who will keep you up to date on your claim and respond to you promptly.

A Lockport Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Settle Your Claim With Insurance Adjusters

If you’re struggling to settle your insurance claim and you feel your adjusters are not being fair or helpful, you have options. Calling an experienced lawyer can be the next step to resolving your problem.

At Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers, we have years of experience helping clients with unfair insurance claim denials and adjustments. Our team understands the frustration of dealing with uncooperative adjusters who are not acting in good faith.

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