How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents as a Car Driver

As a car driver, you will always need to be on the defense. There are a lot of things that you must watch out for when driving, such as the signs on the road, the weather conditions, and the pedestrians that are near the road. Pedestrian accidents are on the rise and can often result in horrible injuries. Here are some ways that you can avoid getting into a car accident with a pedestrian on the road.

Slow down when you see pedestrians

Any time that you are driving and see a pedestrian, make sure to slow down. Going too fast is a common reason for having pedestrian accidents. The faster that you are driving, the harder it is to react in time to avoid this accident. Slowing down in areas where you are expecting to see more people can make a big difference in how well you are able to react and can help prevent an unfortunate car accident.

Always stop at crosswalks to prevent pedestrian accidents

When it comes to a crosswalk, it is the responsibility of the driver to stop. Most people assume that the crosswalk is going to be clearly marked with a solid yellow or white line or with flashing lights. However, this is not always true. Only a few crosswalks are marked in each spot, but a crosswalk is technically going to be at every intersection at which the streets meet at right angles. Even if they do not have the lines that you expect, these are considered crosswalks and the pedestrians will have the right of way.

So, if you are driving along and notice that there are pedestrians that are looking to cross, it is your job to let them cross without speeding up or trying to beat them across. Ignoring these crosswalks often lead to some severe issues with pedestrian accidents.

Be patient with older pedestrians

Sometimes it can be frustrating to wait behind an elderly pedestrian when they are trying to cross the street. They will often need some more time to get across, and it is essential to wait until they get completely across. In some cases, these pedestrians may need more time to cross than the light allows. Some aggressive, anxious, and impatient drivers will fail to give these pedestrians the right amount of time to cross, and this can cause a car accident.

Be careful around any area where a child may be present

When it comes to younger children, the rules of the road are not always going to be followed. Many young kids will run out after a toy that goes on the road or not pay attention when they are crossing the street. It is your job as the driver to be watching out for these situations. If you are near a park, near a school, or in another area where children are often present, then you are expected to drive with caution and watch what is going on. Kids are not going to react like you would expect other pedestrians and if you are not careful, you can quickly get in a pedestrian accident.

Never drink and drive

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. This can impair your vision, slow down your reaction time, and make it hard to drive safely. When you drink and drive, you end up making it more likely that you will hit someone or something else. If you have been out with friends and drinking, consider taking a cab home to avoid problems.

Do not block a sidewalk or a crosswalk

Many drivers forget that the sidewalk is for pedestrians, not for their cars. When a pedestrian has to walk around your car, it puts them in danger. They may walk close to or in front of vehicles on the street to get to their destination. Also, if you are parked in the crosswalk, the pedestrian may have to walk around you, and in the way of oncoming traffic, to get around. Make sure that you are not parked on any crosswalks or sidewalks when it is time to park.

If you are in a pedestrian accident with your car, it is important to seek legal advice. Our team will be able to help you determine who was at fault for the accident, and by how much, and can put together a case that holds your best interests. Contact us today to get started.