What Are The Top Causes of Pedestrian and Car Accidents?

Getting into a car accident, especially with a pedestrian, can have many consequences, including loss of earnings, permanent injuries, and more. It is always best if you can learn how to avoid these car accidents so that you do not have to deal with these accidents in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for these pedestrian accidents and how you can avoid them.

Distracted driving and pedestrian accidents

A driver who is not paying full attention to the road could quickly hit a pedestrian. There are lots of things that could distract the driver, including texting, talking on the phone, or having other things on your mind. It is best to keep all distractions out of the way when you are driving so that you do not get in a car accident with a pedestrian.


All of us have encountered those drivers who are going way too fast. They will go over the speed limit, sometimes as much as 30 miles per hour over. Speed can kill when traveling over the speed limit. Speeding, even by a little bit, can make it easier to cause a pedestrian accident. The faster that you are driving your vehicle, the slower your reaction time will become. Slow down and maintain the speed limit to avoid getting into an accident.

Bad weather

If the weather gets bad, it is going to affect the roads that you are driving on. Car accidents can happen in the rain and on ice because these create some slick and hazardous surfaces for your vehicle. Often your car can spin out of control and can skid, even when you are going slow, which can make an accident more likely.

Running a stop sign or a red light

When you are driving, red means that it is time to stop. If you do not, it is going to lead to a pedestrian accident. Drivers that run through a red light or a stop sign are running the risk of a wrongful death because they are not paying attention to the rules of the road and can cause a collision at high speeds. To avoid this kind of accident, always stop at the red lights and wait your turn.

Unsafe lane changes

There are always times when you need to move over to a new line, such as exiting from a freeway or trying to get into the right lane when you are trying to make a turn. When drivers do not make these lane changes correctly, it can lead to a car accident. To make sure that this does not happen to you, add some time to when you add on the turn signal, check your blind spots, and always be careful when you move over into a new lane.

Driving the wrong way

Everyone has a lapse in judgment, even when he or she are driving. However, when you are driving, these judgment calls can make the difference between whether you are in an accident or not. Many drivers find that when they are in a new town or a new area, they won’t read the signs correctly and then turn into a one-way street. When you go down the wrong way on the road, you could end up in a dangerous car accident, including accidents with pedestrians.

Road rage

One issue that many drivers can experience is that of road rage. When you are tired of following behind a car that is slow, when you are in a hurry, or when you have a bad day and then get behind the wheel, you become a dangerous driver. You are going to make rash decisions out of anger, and this could make you not pay attention to what is going on around you. Many of those who are in road rage could easily hit another car and get in an accident, and if they are not paying attention, they could end up getting into a crash with a pedestrian.

If you are in a car accident, especially a pedestrian accident, make sure to find the right legal team to help you. Our team can take a look at your case and discuss some of the options that are available for you. We will take a look at the situations around the accident, the police report, and anything else that is necessary to help create your case and get you the results that you are looking for.


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