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Smartphones are helpful, but, at times, can be dangerous. For example, checking text messages, phone calls, WhatsApp, emails, or other mobile apps while driving may pose significant safety risks. Accidents resulting from distractive driving have risen in most U.S states, raising the alarm.

You or loved ones can be victims at anytime. Often, victims sustain severe or fatal injuries, making it impossible for them to return to work or care for themselves. As a result, victims could be faced with escalating medical expenses and missed earnings.

To make the process easier and maintain control, a competent lawyer from a company that understands the difficulties of distracted driving accidents is your best option. This is because;

  • There are strict legislation prohibiting the use of mobile phone while driving, especially in New York
  • The lawyer can assist you in obtaining the evidence necessary to prove distracted driving
  • The lawyer will handle all the documentation and processes easily for you

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What is Distracted Driving?

Multitasking while driving that diverts the driver’s attention away from the road is known as distracted driving. Distractions have been shown to jeopardize drivers, other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. One of the most common types of distracted driving is the use of a mobile phone while driving.

Types of Distracted Driving

Visual – this is where a driver has taken his/her attention away from the road and focused on something else. Texting, looking at the back passengers, reading billboards while driving are examples of visual distractions.

Manual is where drivers’ hands are engaged in a physical activity other than using the steering wheel. Even though drivers’ eyes are on the road, he/she may have poor control over the car. These activities may be adjusting the radio channel, doing makeup, reaching for a drink, checking the GPS, and many others, contributing to poor control over the car. The end result is delayed reaction time that may contribute to an accident.

Cognitive- This is when the driver causes his or her mind to wander to something other than driving, usually working out a problem.

Laws Regarding Distracted Driving in New York

The state of New York prohibits texting while driving. Not only are smartphones not allowed, but also generally any portable electronic device is prohibited from use while driving. However, hands-free GPS chipped and similar devices are allowed.

Getting caught driving while distracted will result in violation points. Conviction for those with a learner’s permit leads to a permit or license suspension of 120 days the first time around.

For anyone who’s caught they may be charged up to $200 for the first offense, up to $250 the second time and a maximum of $450 the third time.

Several violations can lead to a revoked driver’s permit or driver’s license for minimum of one year.

Even while there are serious consequences from distracted driving accidents there are still cases that happen every day. No matter the reason, texting while driving, browsing on social media or trying to pass an object to a passenger, distracted driving becomes actionable when the motorist has injured a person or damaged a property. An Olean Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer can help you navigate this process.

What Damages Can Victims Get From a Distracted Driving Accident Claim in New York?

caraccidentlawyerbuffalony.com will work with you and for you to ensure your best interests are protected to try to maximize your compensation. Our professional attorneys will vigorously strive to establish the strongest position to support your claim.

Damage claims in distracted driving accident cases include:

  • Bills for hospitalization and rehabilitation
  • Repair or replacement costs for your car
  • Emotional anguish and physical discomfort
  • Expenses for medical emergencies
  • Discomfort as day-to-day life isn’t as fun as it used to be.
  • Due to your injury, you might have lost, missed, or had your wages reduced.

How Long do I Have to File a Claim in New York?

The statute of limitations on personal injury cases in New York is three years from the accident date. Simply put, the statute of limitations is a time limit that an injured person must reach to file a complaint and obtain compensation. They will forfeit their opportunity to do so if they do not meet the deadline.

A reputable Olean Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer can help you navigate time limits and build your case against the distracted driver. Contact us at caraccidentlawyerbuffalony.com or give us a call at (716) 261-2614 and let us get your claim started today.

Why do I Need an Olean Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer?

You would think that filing an accident claim against a distracted driver is easy, but it isn’t. A good claim must show that the driver was distracted and that the accident was not caused by anything outside of his or her control. Insurance firms defending drivers who have been sued will attempt to mitigate their losses by making inadequate compensation offers or outright rejecting the allegations. With this in mind, it’s recommended to have an experienced lawyer fighting for you. Call now at (716) 261-2614, so we can begin to perfect you claim without delay.

When drivers indulge in reckless or irresponsible conduct that places people in danger, they must be held accountable. You should not have to pay for the careless and/or reckless acts of others. In Olean, hire an attorney with vast experience in offering professional services in car accident cases. caraccidentlawyerbuffalony.com offers a team of elite lawyers and staff who work together employing teamwork, resources, and expertise to achieve the highest level of excellence in defense of your rights.

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