What is Whiplash and Can Your Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer Get You Damages?

If you’ve ever been in a car accident in Buffalo, you know that whiplash is a common injury. All it takes is for your neck to be stretched too far in one direction. The problem with whiplash is that it can be very hard to diagnose. It is also very hard to treat. For most people who suffer a whiplash injury, there isn’t much a doctor can do to help.

Usually, whiplash isn’t the only injury a car accident victim experiences. They may have other injuries such as:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury

A claim for whiplash is piled on top of all these other injuries. Your Buffalo car accident attorney will simply demand damages for all of your injuries. Whiplash will probably be worth a lot less than these other claims. That’s because whiplash almost always heals itself. It doesn’t leave any long-term damage. And, while it can be very painful and inconvenient, it isn’t the kind of injury that keeps you out of work for weeks or months at a time. If the only injury you’ve suffered is whiplash, your claim is not going to be worth all that much. Your Buffalo car accident lawyer may not want to file suit for something this small. That doesn’t mean they won’t take your case. It just means they’d rather try to settle your insurance claim rather than take legal action. The only way to know for sure is to call and talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in Buffalo sooner rather than later.

How Serious an Injury is Whiplash?

Whiplash is actually not that serious an injury. It happens when the muscles in your neck are stretched too far in one direction. The reason this injury is common in a car accident is because your head is jostled about. If you’re rear-ended, your head is going to be thrown forward and then back again. It’s understandable that your neck would suffer some sort of injury.

When you go to the emergency room after your Buffalo car accident, the doctor will ask you what hurts. There is no way for them to really test you for whiplash. All they can do is listen to your symptoms and look for signs of whiplash. Even if they diagnose you as having whiplash, there really isn’t much they can do to help. They may prescribe you painkillers or muscle relaxers. They may recommend that you wear a neck brace for a few days or weeks.

One thing they will tell you is that this sort of injury heals itself over time. You may feel some discomfort or pain for a few days. However, this will subside over time. It could feel better within a matter of days or weeks. Some people may complain that it still hurts after a month or two. But this isn’t very likely.

How Much is a Whiplash Injury Worth in Buffalo?

If the only injury you’ve suffered is whiplash, your claim won’t be worth as much as you think. The average whiplash claim settles for less than $5,000. Most of the time, it’s only worth a couple of thousand dollars. Usually, car accident victims in Buffalo suffer other injuries as well. If this is the case, your Buffalo car accident lawyer will just add your whiplash claim to the others.

For example, let’s say that you suffer two broken bones in your car accident. You also suffer a back injury. These injuries may be worth about $250,000. Your whiplash claim is going to be small compared to your other injuries. Your attorney may demand an extra $5,000 for this injury. If whiplash is your only injury, your entire claim is only going to be worth a few grand.

Your attorney will be more likely to try to settle your claim with the insurance company rather than go to court. Even if they sued and won, they would only get a third of your damages. It simply may not be worth the time and resources to file suit over such a small claim.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Buffalo Right Away

If you’re injured in a car accident, you may have a claim for damages. The only way to know what your case is worth is to talk to an experienced Buffalo car accident lawyer. Call right away and schedule your free initial consultation. This gives you a chance to sit down with someone who’s handled cases like yours before.

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