What Happens When Someone Dies in a Car Accident in Buffalo?

Car accidents are a ruthless type of tragedy causing a body to be shaken violently in most cases. New York, particularly Buffalo state, is known to experience the most horrific car accidents. Reckless driving is the biggest reason for car accidents in Buffalo.

According to the New York State Department of Health, a total of 1,098 people died each year in the state from 2012 to 2014 as a result of motor vehicle traffic-related accidents; many of which were the consequence of reckless driving. However, there may be other reasons for car accidents as well. These include drowsy driving, intoxicated driving, overspeeding, driving without a seatbelt, distracted driving, and drug-impaired driving.

What Happens to the Loved Ones?

While we know that one of the biggest realities of life is death, someone who dies a wrongful death leaves behind their loved ones in a more terrible situation. Car accidents in Buffalo, whether for any reason cause close ones of the guiltless in a feeble position. Different emotions fall off that break the loved ones into pieces. Shock, grief, anger, and pain are to name a few.

People of the deceased go through a trauma that cannot be repented. Not just mentally but physically as well, they go through extreme exhaustion, face loss of eating, panic attacks, disturbed sleep, and a lot more. In the grieving hearts, the feeling of hopelessness makes its home and no coping strategy seems to work to battle this bereavement.

What Happens to the At-Fault Driver?

When someone dies in a car accident in Buffalo, there are harsh consequences, and the driver may be charged with the following penalties:

Criminal Charges Against the At-Fault Driver:

Often car accidents happen due to the negligence of a driver driving irresponsibly, violation of traffic laws, or drunk driving. If this behavior causes the death of a person, they may be charged with criminal offenses such as vehicular manslaughter.

Compensation to the Deceased’s Beneficiaries:

A person who is accused of a wrongful death conviction is charged to provide compensation to the deceased’s beneficiaries. However, this is provided only if the person does not die instantly and suffers agony beforehand.

Damages to be Recovered:

As mentioned above, the estate of the deceased owns a lawful right to recover the damages by the driver. These compensations involve a legal action by the lawyer who files a survivorship action. The damages to be recovered include the deceased’s funeral and burial expenditures, loss of income, and parental care. Further, damages include the provision of household amenities as well.

The Civil Wrongful Death Action:

If a person dies as a result of reckless driving in Buffalo, representatives of the innocent are always allowed to file a complaint against the driver for wrongful death.

Action Against the Driver in Case of a Defective Vehicle:

Friends and family members of a deceased person are also permitted to file against the driver if a defect is found in their driving vehicle. The defective vehicle is described as unreasonably dangerous, yet being operated willfully and no change in performance is witnessed since its first purchase.

Injuries Caused by Car Accidents in Buffalo:

There is no doubt that car accidents can severely harm people and cause numerous types of injuries. The most common types of injuries that we see in a car accident in Buffalo are:

  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)
  • Back Injuries
  • Neck and Knee Injuries
  • Disfiguring Facial Damages and Scars

Ways to Stop Car Accidents in Buffalo:

Each one of us can play an important role in stopping car accidents in Buffalo from becoming a custom. As responsible citizens, we must start taking care of small matters before we begin driving. Wearing a seat belt, paying attention to the roads, ensuring car maintenance are the few examples of precautions that can save lives. When someone dies in a car accident whether in Buffalo or somewhere else, the experience stays with the deceased’s loved ones for a lifetime.

Hire a Qualified Lawyer Before It’s Too Late!

We know car accidents in Buffalo are unpredictable. No matter how much care one takes, accidents may occur at any place and at any moment. Hence, one must know what legal actions members of an injured or deceased family are capable of.

With years of experience in handling car accidents in Buffalo, our professionals can help you with the entire procedure.  Hire one of our professionals now and we will ensure smoother execution of the process.