Top 7 Accident Causes in NY County or What Drivers New Yorkers to Seek Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer Services

Approximately 30,000 traffic accidents occur in NY County every year. The numbers are devastating, especially since many of these accidents take lives or cause serious injuries. Once the worst has already happened, all a car accident victim can do is contact a New York or Buffalo car accident lawyer and seek compensation. However, when looking at the causes, it is easy to see that most accidents could be avoided by looking at the top accident causes. Here are some of the most common causes of accidents in Buffalo and throughout NY County:

The 7 Most Common Traffic Accident Causes in NY County

Driver Distraction

Distracted driving has become a serious threat to traffic safety in NY. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it occurs when:

  1. The driver engages in other tasks while driving (texting, talking, listening to loud music, looking for items in the glove compartment, etc.)
  2. The driver is tired and doses off or has seen the same scenery for so many hours that they no longer notice road dangers
  3. The driver diverts their attention from the road ahead to other vehicles or traffic obstacles
  4. The driver glances away from the road.

In this day and time, when everyone is in a hurry and overwhelmed by thoughts and worries, a single second of inattention can be deadly.

Failure to Yield Right of Way

NY traffic rules make it clear who has right of way in every situation. Unfortunately, some traffic participants seem to believe that rules are meant to be broken. They cut other drivers’ way, rush ahead of pedestrians on crosswalks, and exit driveways and sidewalks without reassuring themselves. These accidents often occur at high speed and have devastating consequences.

Following Too Close

The law also requires all drivers to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front of them. This way, if the driver preceding them slams the brakes, they will have time to stop or slow down and avoid them.

Unfortunately, many drivers are in such a hurry to reach their destination or so annoyed by the everyday more frequent traffic jams that they end up tailgating the vehicles in front of them. This makes it nearly impossible to avoid accidents.

Passing/Lane Violations

Rush seems to be behind these dangerous maneuvers as well. Desperate to reach their destination as soon as possible, many drivers pass other vehicles and switch lanes without reassuring themselves. They end up on the opposing lane, unable to return to their own lane, or cause other drivers to perform dangerous maneuvers.

Traffic Control Disregard

Traffic lights and signs are there for a reason, but few drivers seem to realize that. Some force the yellow traffic light, others disregard speed limits or pass other vehicles in areas where the maneuver is forbidden. In such situations, traffic accidents are a disaster waiting to happen.

Alcohol Related

Alcohol is a driver’s worst enemy, but many drivers continue to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. They do not realize that it impairs their attention and reaction speed, and they put themselves and others at risk.


Just because a car can reach a certain speed, it does not mean it should be driven that fast. Drivers have the obligation to adjust their vehicle speed to the road and traffic conditions. Unfortunately, very few do. The high speed leaves them little time and space to react to traffic dangers, so avoiding accidents becomes an impossible mission.

Reaching destination a few minutes later, being passed by a less powerful vehicle, or delaying a drink or a phone call with a few minutes or hours is easy. Turning back time when a car accident has already occurred is impossible.

Car accidents mean injuries and property damage. They mean worries and endless formalities to recover losses. Do everything in your power to avoid accidents. If another driver does not do the same and hits you, call a Buffalo car accident lawyer. The latter will defend your rights and help you recover your losses. 

If You Could Not Avoid the Crash, Let a Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer Help You Recover Your Losses!

Our Buffalo car accident lawyers have seen all types of car accidents. They know how to prove the cause, how to document injuries and property damages, and how to obtain compensation. To benefit from their knowledge, experience, and skills, all you have to do is schedule a free consultation. Call our office now and let’s set a meeting to review your case and assess your options!

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