Third Party Car Crash: 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Car accidents can be both emotionally and physically devastating to deal with. But they can have an even longer-lasting impact if the negligent party is not held accountable. Not everyone is careful when driving and this can lead to all the other people on the road facing multiple injuries and damages. Therefore, if you were a victim or a witness to a third party causing a car accident, you should avoid any mistakes so that you can get compensated fairly. Reach out to our Buffalo automobile accident attorneys for legal consultation, assistance, and more.

But before that, be sure to check out our guide to understand the common pitfalls that you must avoid!

#1) Don’t Be Uncooperative

First things first, if you ever are involved in an automobile accident, you should call the police as soon as possible. Getting the authorities involved is the right way to go because you can file a police report against a third party.

However, you should not be uncooperative when the police arrive and should give them any information they need. After you have given a statement, you can get in touch with an accident attorney, if you wish to file a claim against the third party. You can seek compensation for any damages you or your vehicle faced and you can provide the lawyers a copy of the police report for starters.

If you decide not to call the police right away, it can have a bad look on your personal injury case so it’s better that you cooperate. But you should never admit fault whether it’s in front of someone else or any of the police officers.

#2) Don’t Turn Down Medical Care

Many people take their injuries for granted and think that they can deal with them using any at-home supplies. However, car accident injuries can be quite serious and lead to permanent health issues so you should never turn down medical care.

Buffalo personal injury lawyers will always tell you to get a full medical checkup when the medical team arrives at the accident. You can’t risk having a concussion or any serious health issues. You will need as much information from the medical experts when you’re filing a claim against a third party.

#3) Never Forget To Exchange Information

Don’t forget to share your contact information with any of the other victims of the accidents and see if you can find any witnesses. This will strengthen your case and you can use their testimonies later when collecting all evidence.

You should also make sure you note down all the information you can about the other driver such as their car details, license plate, and details of the third party.

#4) Don’t Leave Any Evidence Behind

Chances are you will need help corroborating your side of the story so car accident attorneys recommend that you collect as much evidence as you can. Talk to any witnesses to get their statements and note down everything you can about the accident. You will require all this information when trying to prove a personal injury claim and holding the negligent party responsible.

If you have a phone, you can take pictures or make videos of the accident scene and all the vehicles involved. If you document any possible injuries and damages to your car, it can help you later.

#5) Don’t Discuss The Accident

If you’re in the process of filing a claim against the other driver, you should not publicize your accident at all. Refrain from talking about it with anyone other than close friends, and don’t discuss the third party on social media. The other party will try its best to prove that you made a wrong move so you must keep all information to yourself and your legal team.

#6) Don’t Wait Too Long To File A Claim

The responsibility falls on you too if you’re ever a part of a car accident. You need to get in touch with authorities and file a claim to preserve your rights. You should never wait because waiting to seek compensation can have a negative impact on your case. You need to do the right thing so no one in the future is harmed by the same third party.

#7) Contact Your Insurance Company

You need to reach out to your insurance company after the accident to get your vehicle repaired. However, if the at-fault party’s insurance company gets in touch with you, you can’t trust them as they only want to give out payouts and avoid an actual case against their client.

You need to rely on only trusted sources such as buffalo automobile accident attorneys. You can get a consultation and see what legal options suit you the best.

#8) Don’t Be Quick To Accept A Settlement

Buffalo personal injury attorneys will always ask you to never accept a settlement offer because it’s highly unlikely that you’re getting the amount you deserve. Keep in mind that the liable party will do anything to pay you a little amount to get out of being held accountable.

#9) Reach Out To A Buffalo Automobile Accident Attorney

You can reach out to an automobile accident attorney immediately so you have strong legal representation. You will need to make a personal injury claim against the other driver so they pay for their careless nature and don’t end up harming anyone else in the future.

We have experienced professionals available that can cater to your needs and help you get the justice and monetary compensation you rightfully deserve.

#10) Don’t Sign Anything Immediately

Signing any document without speaking with attorneys first as people often try to get you to sign a deal that is not in your best interests. Our personal injury lawyers can take a look at your case and make you understand your civil rights better. You deserve a fair case and compensation for any losses you faced due to the car accident.

If You’ve Been In A Car Accident, Let Our Buffalo Personal Injury Attorneys Help You

Were you or a loved one involved in a car crash? Be sure to avoid all the mistakes we’ve discussed above. But in any case, seeking legal consultation is a must – at the Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers Legal Group, our team of Buffalo personal injury attorneys can take on any automobile accident case and make sure that you, the victim, get fairly treated by the party who was responsible for the accident.

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