The Empire State Trail: We May Soon Bike and Hike from Buffalo to Albany and Even Canada

We may soon bike and hike from buffalo to Albany and even Canada with The Empire State Trail. Our region has some incredible views, and hiking and biking are great ways to reach them and enjoy them. This is especially true during this time of the year when the traffic rush brings dead leaves to life and the sun wraps the highways with its gentle warmth and glitter.

The only obstacle could be the short and few biking and hiking paths but, according to recent news, things are about to change for the better.  The authorities decided to put together the Empire State Trail by connecting a series of 30 shorter trails.  

Thus, the 5-mile stretch that currently contemplates the Thruway at the South and the Erie Canal at the north could be part of a 750-miles trail. The new trail will bring together three major trail systems: the Hudson Valley Greenway (NY to Albany), the Erie Canalway Trail (Albany to Buffalo), and the Champlain Valley Trail (Albany to Washington County).

Buffalo bikers and hikers could follow it to Albany, or even Canada without needing to switch between transportation means or disembark. Scheduled to be completed by the end of next year, the Empire State Trail will cross no less than 26 counties and provide access to many key attractions.

It should benefit not only the economy, by attracting more tourists, but also the busy traffic, by decongesting it. The investment is estimated at $200 million divided by 60 small projects. The authorities estimate that, once the pieces of the puzzle are put together, no less than 8.6 million people will benefit from it every year.

It may not seem much compared to the almost three times longer Appalachian Trail. However, the Empire State Trail will cater to several needs and open new perspectives. Based on our experience as pedestrian, bike, and car accident lawyers, we are also confident that it will save lives and prevent injuries.

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