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Distracted driving often leads to serious accidents with injuries. It is important to seek help from an experienced Lockport distracted driving accident lawyer. A significant problem since smartphones and entertainment systems have become widespread, the effects of distracted driving can lead to serious repercussions. Because not all of the driver’s attention is on the road, reaction time is significantly diminished and he or she can cause a motorcycle, car, or truck accident.

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What is Distracted Driving?

Generally speaking, distracted driving involves the motorist taking his or her eyes off the road. According to the NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving is any activity that diverts the person’s attention while driving.

The term ‘distractions’ encompasses three distinct categories- Cognitive, Visual, and Manual.

Cognitive Distraction

Cognitive is ‘of the mind’, and occurs for example when the motorist is daydreaming. Another example is when the driver is not actively focused and, instead, thinking about something else, like a conversation they had the day before.

Visual Distraction

Visual distraction occurs when your vision is turned away from the road. Common examples are looking at a text on your phone or turning around to speak with a person in the back.

A motorist texting on their phone while driving.

Manual Distraction

Happens when the driver has their hands off the wheel to do something else, such as opening a bag of chips, reaching for an object on the floor, or using your mobile phone.

Laws Regarding Distracted Driving in New York

The state of New York prohibits texting while driving. For anyone who’s caught, they may be charged up to $200 for the first offense, up to $250 the second time, and a maximum of $450 the third time.

Not only are smartphones not allowed, but also generally any portable electronic device is prohibited from use while driving. However, hands-free GPS chipped and similar devices are allowed. Getting caught driving while distracted will result in violation points. A conviction for those with a learner’s permit leads to a permit or license suspension of 120 days the first time around.

Several violations can lead to a revoked driver’s permit or driver’s license for a minimum of one year.

Even while there are serious consequences from distracted driving accidents there are still cases that happen every day. No matter the reason, texting while driving, browsing on social media, or trying to pass an object to a passenger, distracted driving becomes actionable when the motorist has injured a person or damaged property. A Lockport distracted driving accident lawyer can help you navigate this process.

What Damages Can Victims Get From a Distracted Driving Accident Claim in New York?

caraccidentlawyerbuffalony.com will work with you and for you to ensure your best interests are protected to try to maximize your compensation. Our professional attorneys will vigorously strive to establish a strong position to support your claim.

Damage claims in distracted driving accident cases include disability, pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages and work hours, property damage, rehabilitation, and medical bills, among others. While all claims differ due to circumstances, we will work to recover all of these to which you are entitled.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim In New York?

Victims of injury resulting from distracted driving may take legal action against the at-fault motorist. In the state of New York claims need to be filed within the statute of limitations. Once the date passes, you may lose your right to pursue legal action against the offending driver and lose any opportunity for compensation.

A reputable Lockport distracted driving accident lawyer can help you navigate time limits and build your case against the distracted driver. Contact us at caraccidentlawyerbuffalony.com or give us a call at (716) 261-2614 and let us get your claim started today.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has become a victim of a distracted driving accident and has sustained injuries related to a car accident in Lockport, you may be able to file for legal claims. Hiring an experienced Lockport Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer can make things easier during this difficult time. They can give you guidance concerning which paperwork to file and what evidence documentation can help you get maximum compensation.

Those who have their life upended by a car accident will usually suffer injuries, which can result in lost wages, disability and more. The only way to get compensated for it is to submit a claim and recover the money spent on medical bills and lost work hours. Furthermore, you’re entitled to get compensation for emotional trauma or the suffering caused by the ordeal.

A woman calling a Lockport distracted driving accident lawyer after being rear-ended.

The car accident details will determine the compensation amount. Aside from punitive and/or property damage, relatives or family members of a deceased victim may also file for burial expenses and funeral costs, among others.

In New York, distracted driving is a tricky affair. Those who were injured will need sufficient evidence to prove that it was the other driver’s fault and not theirs. At-fault parties and insurance companies will do everything they can to not pay out on a claim.

To this end, an experienced attorney will prove to be an invaluable ally. At caraccidentlawyerbuffalony.com we will gather evidence plan your claim, and guide you through the entire legal process. Our lawyers are driven to succeed, experienced, and knowledgeable, providing all the guidance you need for a successful claim.

Contact A Lockport Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Today For A Free Consultation

Unexpected events, such as distracted driving accidents can upend your life and cause unimaginable stress. Even those who are careful and abide by the law can be the victim of distracted driving. If you or a loved one has experienced an accident, make sure to get in touch with a Lockport car accident lawyer right away.

At Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers we fight for your rights to get compensated for the damages caused by a distracted driving accident. We’re well aware of what’s at stake and will do everything in our power to ensure a favorable outcome.

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