What is the New Hands-Free Law in New York?

As of July 1st, New York drivers must use a hands-free device to talk on the phone while driving. Texting is still against the law. A cop can stop you for holding a cell phone when driving. Cops can also write another ticket if they think you were in an accident because of phone use. Contact a car accident lawyer today to get more information about the new hands-free law in New York.

Why is There a Hands-Free Law in New York?

Like many other states, New York has had many issues with phone use causing car wrecks. Young New York drivers text at stop signs but do not put the phone down when they get going. This issue has led to a change in the laws for phone use.

A hands-free law has had big impacts in other states. Buffalo car accident lawyers can help you learn how this law affects you. The hands-free law applies to every driver on the road. Buffalo, NY police are on the look-out for people who are still on the phone.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that drivers are likely to text and drive. The NHTSA also reports that drivers will place calls others on a mobile phone when behind the wheel. The hands-free law addresses both of these problems. This law makes it so that the simple act of holding your phone is illegal.

Call a Car Accident Attorney in NY

In Buffalo, NY many drivers do not know what to do when ticketed for the hands-free law. If you were in a car wreck in Buffalo, NY you will need legal help. This new law might lead you to have more fines than you would have thought after an accident.

When you get into a car wreck in Buffalo, NY the cops will assess the scene. If they think you were using a phone, you may get a ticket for the new hands-free law.

To fight this ticket, you can contact a car accident lawyer in Buffalo, NY. Even though it might seem unfair, it is vital to break the habit of holding your phone when driving.

The Buffalo police and many other groups in NY are helping people break this bad habit. To be part of the solution, you will need to understand the new hands-free law in New York. In the most basic explanation, you cannot physically hold your phone or use it when behind the wheel. A phone is a form of distraction. Distracted driving results in car wrecks. On occasion, a car wreck can lead to a fatality. These wrecks are avoidable. Because of the risk that comes with phone use when driving, the law now prohibits it.

What Car Accident Lawyers Say About the New Hands-Free Law in New York

In NY you can expect severe fines and points on your license if caught on the phone when driving. Car accident lawyers say the best option is to break the habit of holding your phone when driving.

However, there are quick and easy tips on how to break your cell phone habit. You can always put your phone out of reach. If you think that you might have an emergency come up, you can invest in a new car system.

Many new cars come with a hands-free system. But, if you have an older car, you still have options. You can talk to a local mechanic about your options. With new systems, you can find a stereo with an auxiliary feed at an affordable price.

If a new system is not an option, then you will have to kick this habit on your own. You change the setting on your phone to “do not disturb” so you will not hear notifications when driving. Or, you can just place your phone out of reach. When you put it in spots like the glove box you reduce the chances of you checking it.

Contact an Buffalo, NY Car Accident Attorney

When you get a ticket, you need the help of a car accident lawyer in Buffalo, NY. Many drivers do not know how this law applies to them or understand the fines associated with the ticket. Issues such as car wrecks, or injury can make tickets for the new hands-free law in New York worse. Call the Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers to learn how this new law applies to you.

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