Why Do Emotional Damages Matter After Car Accidents in Buffalo, NY?

Car accidents in Buffalo, NY leave a devastating impact on the people involved. It’s a terrible experience that leads to physical pain and financial burden. The entire healing journey, payment of medical bills, and negotiating with the insurance company can become overwhelming.

Above all, several car accident victims suffer from emotional stress and anxiety. These injuries may not be evident but it greatly impacts the person involved in an accident. Emotional distress damages are provided to people who suffer from emotional trauma in a car accident.

It is vital to understand why emotional distress damages are provided and to evaluate the right steps that help in attaining compensation for your pain and suffering in car accidents in Buffalo, NY.

Emotional Distress Damages in a Car Accident in Buffalo, NY:

In 2019, the total number of motor vehicle deaths was 931 in just New York. Whereas millions of people suffer injuries in car crashes worldwide. The severity of injuries and requirement for medical care is strictly dependent upon the intensity of car accidents in Buffalo, NY.

Regardless of the severity, emotional trauma from an accident can be severe. A person may suffer emotional trauma for a long period. Emotional distress damages are provided to compensate for the medical bills, pain, and suffering due to the injuries you have sustained in car accidents in Buffalo.

The pain further escalates when the accident occurs due to the negligent behavior of another driver. In this case, you are eligible to file a lawsuit or insurance claim to receive compensation for financial loss, pain, and suffering.

Emotional Effect of a Car Crash:

After facing a car accident, it is very common to experience emotional disturbance. Mostly, when a person suffers from physical injuries emotional injuries are also accompanied. Emotional effects harm the mental health of a person. Since the body has a very strong link with the mind when the body suffers pain due to injuries, mental health also deteriorates.

Injured people may experience the following post-accident:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Feelings of shock
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Excessive fear
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression

Car accidents can change your life. You may not be able to enjoy the activities you loved before the accident. Mostly due to feelings such as fear or shock. You may not be able to sit in your car or drive your vehicle because it might trigger the tragic memories of the crash along with the pain you suffered. This becomes extremely challenging as a person starts to miss out on their social life.

Are you Experiencing Emotional Distress?

After a crash, if you are experiencing emotional distress, it is vital to realize that the emotional pain is real and you need to evaluate your situation accordingly.

1. Immediately Seek Assistance:

Individuals post-accident, prioritize medical treatment for their injuries but somehow ignore mental health problems. Significantly, you should talk about your emotional pain and mental health to your doctor. Your doctor may suggest an experienced mental health professional who could treat your emotional pain. The necessary treatment plans are devised by the mental health professional to help you relieve stress and pain. Moreover, the report provided by your mental health professional will serve as evidence when you will file an insurance claim or a lawsuit for a claim.

2. Document What You Feel:

Documenting what you feel after the accident or how you are responding to your injuries and pain helps your mental professional to gain information for a more accurate diagnosis. It will also create a record that will assist your case while filing for a lawsuit. Your insurance company may inquire about your feelings and your mental struggles. Writing down your feelings will be beneficial for you since it’s hard to remember all the details.

Filing a Claim for Emotional Distress – Get in Touch:

If you are planning to file a claim for emotional distress due to a car accident in Buffalo, NY you should hire a professional personal injury lawyer. They will assist you from building your case to negotiations. Our experienced attorneys help in gathering the required evidence and documentation for the claim to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions. Years of practice assist us in handling every legal aspect of your case while you focus on healing.

If you or your loved ones experience such an unfortunate accident, our team will support you in all legal matters. We will guide you through the steps necessary for a successful claim and we are here to protect your rights while attaining the maximum claim you deserve.