Deer Collision Kills Two on Route 104, in Orleans County

Orleans County is known as a paradise for wildlife and agriculture alike due to its freshwater resources. You see deers running freely in the distance all the time. What you do not expect is for those deers to get in the middle of the road. Deer collision kills two on route 104, in Orleans County.

On early Thursday the unfortunate encounter ended up taking two young lives. Brooke E. Allen, aged 21, from Lyndonville, was driving, having Richard Forder, aged 20, from Albion, on the driver seat.

According to news reports, it all happened before 7 a.m. The two were traveling east when the deer got in their way. They could not avoid the impact which killed the deer and caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

It swerved left and skidded across both traffic lanes, over a guardrail, and down an embankment. After striking a concrete culvert, it rolled into the creek. Unfortunately, neither the driver nor the passenger survived the tragic event.  

The call to the Sheriff’s Office announced an accident with injuries in Gaines, on Route 104. Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities found the 2000 Nissan that Brooke was driving in the nearby creek. It had landed on its roof and was partially submerged in water. They had no option but to pronounce the two persons in the vehicle dead.

While nothing can bring them back at the point, perhaps others can learn from their story. We have reason to believe that, had Brooke driven a little slower, the impact would not have been this devastating. Perhaps she would have been able to avoid the deer and everything that followed. Speed helps drivers save a couple of minutes but it takes away reaction time and increases impact force. When the worst happens, survivors would give years of their life to turn back time and sacrifice those couple of minutes. They cannot, no one can, so let’s be proactive and drive slowly, safely!

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