Common Causes of Minor Car Crashes in Buffalo, NY

Minor car crashes are a lot more common than you’d think. It’s quite possible that when commuting from home to work, you stop at a red light. Meanwhile, a car comes from behind and collides with yours but at a lower intensity. Turns out that your bumper has faced a minor scratch. However, you don’t feel anything but slight neck pain. It’s important to note that in accidents, you may get a neck sore that prolongs for days and ends up in body pain.

The unfortunate thing here is that sometimes, severe injuries come out of minor car crashes in Buffalo, NY. Car crashes are many times fatal, and the survivors are lucky to be alive. Some minor accidents may cause minor injuries; On the other hand, injuries from more intense accidents could lead to major injuries. Nowadays, road accidents have become common in the USA and other parts of the world.

Injuries Are Definitely Possible After Minor Car Crashes in Buffalo, NY:

Often, insurance companies in the U.S. argue that minor motor collisions cannot act as a gateway to serious physical injuries. The body is susceptible to injury, both external and internal; for the same reason, car crashes can cause grave damage. External forces could often cause these to happen.

It could be due to a sudden movement upon a crash or due to direct trauma, even if the intensity is low. When we talk about whiplash, it can occur at very slow speeds too; even at a speed of 5mph. This whiplash injury can further lead to arthritis and chronic headaches.

The victim’s damaged muscles may not show any visible signs of any impairment for days or even months. However, the neck is one of the body parts that faces the most trauma in the frontline and they could be easily impaired even after minor accidents. The victim’s neck may misalign with the spine after the accident, even if it’s on a very micro level.

The swelling in the body part occurs when there is excessive pressure on the victim’s nerves but swelling may not always be visible. The upper and lower body both suffer in the event of the accident. The knees, for example, are very sensitive and prone to pain even after the slightest blunt trauma.

Steps to Follow After the Minor Car Crashes in Buffalo, NY:

When your car collides with another vehicle, your whole world may go upside down for some time; even in the case of a minor car accident in Buffalo, NY. You may not feel any pain at that time. Sometimes, the shock one experiences at the time of the accident delays the direct physical trauma one has experienced. The crash may not look severe at the time of the accident, but few things would help you in your case for a personal injury claim.

  • Call the Police:

You must call the police to make the accident report; they will be the ones making the report so there won’t be any effort on your part other than making a phone call and providing a statement. Moreover, the police can also help you to reach a hospital to get yourself checked physically.

  • Medical Care:

You should go to the hospital at the earliest. Injuries aren’t always visible. Sometimes, a medical professional can help you identify that something is wrong. They might perform X-rays or other tests as well to ensure there are no internal injuries.

  • Self-Care:

You must examine yourself for a few days and months; even after being checked by a medical expert. Sometimes, the body does not react to trauma immediately. It may take days to show the signs of injury.

  • Gather Evidence:

At the time of experiencing any injury from a car accident, it is crucial to take photographs of physical injuries such as bruises, contusions, or cuts. It might help you with the personal injury claim. The insurance companies may ask for proof of the injuries.

  • Learn About Delayed Injury:

You need to know; several injuries take time to show in the human body. They are not felt immediately after minor car crashes. In the self-care phase, monitor yourself for any sudden problems or pain.

Contact Our Experienced Lawyers

In the event of a car accident, it does not matter whether your injuries are severe at that time; you would need medical assistance. Right after, it is wise to reach out to a car accident attorney who can fight your case on your behalf. Minor car crashes in Buffalo, NY do have monetary compensation that can be claimed with the help of a car accident lawyer.