Car Thief Jacks Three Cars and Causes Multiple Crashes in NYC

A woman stole two Mercedes Benz vehicles and a Toyota Camry last Friday, then caused a number of high-speed crashes in New York City’s East Side. Police say she eventually totaled the Camry outside City Hall.

One police source said it was like a game of Grand Theft Auto. However, the woman didn’t display a weapon in any of the three known incidents. Instead, she opened the doors on the drivers’ side and ordered the motorists to get out.

Police were not immediately able to say how many cars the unnamed woman slammed into.

The first carjacking occurred a little after 7 p.m. at E. 75th Street and Fifth Avenue. The woman ordered a motorist out of a gray Mercedes Benz and sped off. She slammed the sedan into one vehicle at E. 68th Street and York Avenue and another one at E. 62nd Street at Second Avenue. She then continued down the FDR at a high speed.

The woman hit additional vehicles as she headed downtown and then ditched the car at E. 42nd Street. That’s where she took a Mercedes G-Class SUV from an unsuspecting driver. Police say she again hit an unspecified number of cars before flipping the SUV around E. 34th Street.

Sources say the carjacker then took a silver Toyota Camry from a young couple. By the time police caught up with her, she had plowed this car into a fence on Park Row. She was pulled from the wreckage and transported to New York Presbyterian Downtown Hospital for evaluation.

The woman’s motive was unclear, and police continue to investigate the case.

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