How A Car Accident in Buffalo with an Unlicensed Driver Works

Dealing with a car accident in Buffalo becomes extremely overwhelming. If you suffer physical injuries, you will have to face the pain, treatment, and mounting medical bills. In motor-vehicle accidents, there were 4.5 million medically consulted injuries reported in 2019. If your car is damaged in the accident, you will also be paying money to get it fixed. If you will miss your work due to injuries, the lost wages will negatively impact your financial condition. This all will lead to emotional trauma and distress. Imagine while dealing with such devastating things, you get to know that the other driver didn’t have a valid license. This means they don’t have vehicle insurance coverage. It is very common in Buffalo.

People assume that unlicensed drivers get the liability in case of an accident. However, this isn’t always true. There could be various situations; for instance, you could be at fault or they may be driving a borrowed car. You should be aware of the legal implications if you are involved in an accident with an unlicensed driver.

Liability of the Unlicensed Driver in a Car Accident in Buffalo:

When a car accident in Buffalo occurs, whether you have a license or not, it doesn’t determine the fault. Buffalo is a no-fault state, the parties need to discuss with insurance companies to sort out liability for compensatory damages. There will be multiple factors analyzed before determining the liability. For instance, whether the car was insured or not and what were the circumstances of the accident.

  • Uninsured Vehicle & an Unlicensed Driver:

You need to have a valid driver’s license to purchase and maintain insurance. If you are involved in an accident and the other driver does not have a valid license, their insurance coverage has likely lapsed. In this case, you will have to go to court and pursue your damages through your insurance provider.

  • Unlicensed Driver & a Borrowed Car:

It’s a very common situation that happens when a driver borrows a car from their friends or relatives and illegally drives it without a valid license. If they drive with the permission of the owner of the vehicle, then their insurance provider will be liable to cover losses resulting from a car accident.

  • Unlicensed Driver & a Stolen Car:

There are situations when either permission is not given to drive a car or the car is stolen. In this matter, the insurance provider is not liable to compensate for the damages. You can try to recover compensation if the driver has a secondary policy for another car.

Driving Without a License:

Right after the accident usually, the basic information is shared between the drivers that include the driver’s license, insurance policy, and vehicle registration. When any of the drivers fail to provide this important evidence, you have to ask them why. Unlicensed drivers take the risk of getting behind the wheel and endangering their own lives along with that of others. The reasons for having an invalid license includes the following:

  • DUI offense conviction
  • Underage driver
  • Failure of renewal
  • Too many traffic violations
  • Failure to have auto insurance
  • Newly immigrated to the U.S.
  • Revoked license
  • Medical conditions resulting in revoked driving license

Drivers without a driving license increase the risk of injury to the people around them, causing a devastating impact on their lives. With a no-fault approach, you will be left with limited avenues to recover compensation, for this purpose you need an experienced car accident attorney.

Protect Yourself During Accident Situations:

You should take quick action in case you suffer from an accident. You should take the following steps:

  • Immediately receive medical care
  • Contact law enforcement & file a police report
  • Gather information from witnesses
  • Take photographs of the damages at the scene
  • Exchange information with the other driver
  • Hire a professional car accident attorney

Get in Touch With an Experienced Car Accident Attorney:

You may experience financial and medical uncertainty after dealing with a car accident in Buffalo. Especially if the accident is caused due to negligent behavior of an unlicensed driver. Our professionally trained and experienced car accident attorneys will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you require support in negotiations with the insurance provider or you want us to file a claim on your behalf, we will assist you in every step.

If you or your loved ones suffered such an accident, consult our team to know about the best legal options available for your case. We will put your case in the right direction. Our efforts will ensure successful outcomes for your case.