Buffalo, NY Car Accident: What To Do If You’re At Fault

If we talk about a Buffalo, NY Car Accident our firm is dealing with such a massive number of mishaps from the past many years. Our foremost target is on causalities rather than suspects and let us tell you, it’s more pleasant for you with us dealing with them. But we can’t say that those people who are the reason behind the cause of the accident should always be considered as culprits. Anyone can do such mistakes; literally anyone.

Insurance companies are always there to provide any kind of information required related to a person who’s at fault. Because this is what we would expect from an Insurance company. Here in this article, we are going to shed a light on all those queries related to drivers who are the reason behind an accident.

What Happens if You’re Accountable for a Buffalo, NY Car Accident?

There is common law jurisdiction for the person who’s responsible for a Buffalo, NY car accident; that is if the person who’s responsible for the accident will put up with all burden themselves and compensate the other. And either they or their insurance company is going to pay for all the other driver’s damage that has occurred. According to the auto accident insurance policy, our firm is liable to deal with all the damages that occur to our vehicle. And if you violate any traffic law you could get a warning from the police as well.

What Compensations will be Fulfilled by You if You Are the Cause of the Accident?

Either you or your insurance company is liable to pay all the financial charges or losses that have occurred due to the accident caused by you. Some of the losses and charges which you’re going to cover include the cost of mending to other driver’s vehicle; you are to provide them with all medical expenses as well if the accident causes any injury to the driver. If the other driver is jobless then it’s your responsibility to keep up with them financially and compensate them if they got any serious wound during the accident.
Generally, your insurance company can also negotiate with the other driver to avoid going to court.

In Case You Are Responsible for the Accident, What Should Be Done?

Firstly, the most important thing is to confirm whether everyone is fine or not. If there are any kind of causalities, immediately call the police and exchange personal information with each other as well. But if you left the site right after an accident, it would be considered a crime.
Defense lawyers would firstly suggest you apologize for causing the accident. And then call your insurance company and report the whole incident.

What Happens if it’s Not Completely Your Fault?

Sometimes, one driver could be completely at fault and sometimes partially. In case of partially at fault, states sometimes follow legal rules i.e. contributory negligence. Where the defendant must prove that the accuser was negligent. But some states follow comparative negligence which states that the fault of each side is based on contributing to the accident.  Damage of accidents is directly correlated to the degree of negligence.

Would an Accident Cause an Increase in the Rate of My Car Insurance?

If you are at fault during the accident, your insurance company is liable to payout and your insurance rate will increase after the claim. But it depends upon company to company. Some insurance companies also offer “Accident forgiveness” depending on your record of driving.

If You Are the Cause of the Accident, Can You Be Held Personally Liable for the Compensation?

The driver who’s considered blamable during the accident will be liable for all the harm and injury that occurred to another diver. Luckily, your auto insurance company will be responsible for that; that’s what the insurance company is for. But the insurance company has a limitation as well. Sometimes it is $50,000 or less which means your company is liable for paying up to $50,000 only after any damage caused by accident.

Let’s suppose your insurance company has a limitation of $50,000 and you get a verdict of $100,000. You’re personally liable to pay the remaining $50,000 on your own. But such a situation is not possible because an individual can’t pay such a huge amount on their own.

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