Some Tips to Avoid Tire Blowout Car Accidents in Buffalo, NY

Tire blowouts are one of the major causes of car accidents in Buffalo, NY, especially in the summer season. Tires are the most important part of the vehicle and require regular maintenance. Tire blowouts are the most common reason that can lead to the most terrifying and dangerous accidents in Buffalo, NY.

In some cases, tire blowouts might not cause any harmful accidents, but if the car collides with other cars, it could lead to major injuries or even death. In 2017, there were 738 fatalities which were due to tire-related crashes.

The Major Causes of Tire Blowouts that Leads to Car Accidents in Buffalo, NY:

Mostly, car tire blowouts happen in summers when most people are on vacations to enjoy the summer sun. The intense summer heat is known to be the very major cause of tire blowouts. But we can’t say it’s the only reason because tires happen to blow out in the rest of the year too. Tire blowouts also depend on the health of the tire and its maintenance.

When the tire bursts and loses pressure rapidly, it’s called a tire blowout. Some of the basic reasons are:

  • If the tires are poorly designed at the time of manufacturing; this could cause the tire to blowout anytime
  • Running over some sharp objects like nails, or hitting a pothole while driving on the road
  • A blowout could also occur due to underinflated or overinflated tires.
  • Using the tire more than its life could also cause blowouts. Since tires are made up of rubber, they’re a limited life product

Keeping in view all the above causes of tire blowouts, it’s suggested to replace old tires with new ones after every five or six years. Furthermore, the burst out of the tire depends on the weather conditions, its quality, and lifespan.

Ways to Avoid Tire Blowouts:

We can focus on some ways to avoid tire blowouts that could cause car accidents in Buffalo, NY:

1. Underinflated or Overinflated Tires:

Having less or more air in the tire can cause a tire blowout. Underinflated and overinflated tires both are harmful and vehicle owners are advised to check the air in their tires regularly. Especially when you are traveling long distances, it’s a must to check your tires before leaving.

2. Driving Carefully:

Driving very carefully is another way to keep your car tires from blowing out. Keep an eye on the road to make sure there are no dangerous bumps or sharp objects that could cause the tire to burst. You should do this while following the speed limit or even driving a few miles per hour below the speed limit.

3. Vehicle Overloading:

Passenger cars are not meant to carry too much weight. Sometimes while traveling, we don’t check the weight limit our car can carry and we stuff our cars with luggage. Especially while traveling a longer distance, we want to carry everything with us. This can lead to vehicle overloading which could ultimately cause tire blowouts. To avoid tire blowout car accidents in Buffalo, NY, you should avoid overloading our vehicles more than their capacity.

By following the simple rules mentioned above, you could easily avoid tire blowouts. You just need to be extra careful while traveling long distances and keep a track of your vehicle tire maintenance.

In some cases, no matter how careful you are, poor design, installation, and manufacturing of the tire could cause tire blowouts too. In such a case where it’s not your fault, you would require a good attorney who understands the details to investigate the defective piece. They will also help you claim your loss from the parties that are accountable.

Choose Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers to Guide You Through Blowout Injury Claims:

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