10 Things Buffalo Car Accident Attorneys Can Help Crash Victims With

Were you the victim of a car accident in Buffalo, NY? Consulting a lawyer could get you numerous valuable benefits. There are many things that Buffalo car accident attorneys can help you with. The sooner you request their help, the more they can do for you.

10 Things Buffalo Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You With

1. Dealing with the Accident Aftermath

Many accident victims give in to the adrenaline rush, panic, or anxiety, and make mistakes. They leave their car in the middle of the road and cause other accidents, fail to gather evidence, or give statements that undermine their case.

Even a single phone call with an experienced car accident lawyer can work miracles. The latter can advise their client on the steps to take, mistakes to avoid, evidence to gather, and the statements to give or, rather, avoid giving.

2. Assessing the Claim Value

Many car accident victims mistakenly believe that they can only claim compensation for their car damage and medical bills. They have no idea that their claim can include lost earnings, disability-related losses and expenses, and pain and suffering. An auto accident attorney can evaluate all losses and help their client assign a realistic value to their claim.

3. Identifying the Best Defendant

Some car accident cases allow recovery from multiple defendants. Perhaps there are several parties at fault, with coverage available from several insurers. The accident victim may have insurance coverage available as well. The car accident attorney will review the case details and identify the best party to seek compensation from. This way, they will guarantee maximum recovery with minimum effort.

4. Preparing and Sending the Notice of Claim

Many see it as a simple letter, but it is more than that. The notice of claim summarizes the accident details. It serves as a basis for the insurer’s decision of whether they will accept the claim or not. It needs to follow a specific format, include mandatory information, and meet strict deadlines. Therefore, it is better to have it prepared by an experienced Buffalo car accident lawyer.

5. Gathering Evidence

The success of a car accident claim will depend on the claimant’s ability to support it with evidence. The evidence needs to show beyond reasonable doubt how the accident occurred, who was responsible for it, and what consequences it had. It also needs to show the financial implications of those consequences.

Experienced car accident attorneys will conduct complex investigations to obtain the evidence they need. They will interview witnesses, investigate the accident scene and the driver at fault, issue subpoenas to obtain various records, obtain expert testimonies and technical expertise, etc.

6. Substantiate the Claim

Having sufficient evidence is just one step in the claim process. Presenting it in such a manner as to support your claim is another one, and very important. Buffalo auto accident lawyers know how to organize evidence in order to emphasize the chain of events, liability, and right to compensation.

7. Handle Denials and Counterarguments

Insurers often deny claims or exploit any opportunity to diminish their value. However, their efforts are useless in cases handled by experienced car accident lawyers. The latter know all their strategies and how to turn them useless.

8. Evaluate Settlement Offers

Insurers hate bad publicity and try to prevent it through fast settlements. Of course, their offers reflect their own interests, namely to minimize their own losses. They do know how to formulate their offers so as to make claimants feel that they are getting the best deal possible. An experienced auto accident lawyer can see beyond their strategies and advise the claimant if a settlement is worth accepting or not.

9. Negotiate a Better Deal

Most of the time, settlement offers are not take-it-or-leave-it deals. Better terms can be negotiated. The negotiation skills and experience of a Buffalo car accident lawyer can play an important part in the outcome of the negotiations.

10. Appeal Claims

Sometimes, things do not work out the way they should. Insurers deny claims or refuse to pay the fair amounts. Claimants have the right to appeal their decisions. They can do so with the NY Department of Financial Services. Obviously, appeals are better left to experienced lawyers.

Get Help with Any of the Above from Our Buffalo Car Accident Attorneys

No matter the stage of your car accident claim, we can help. Call Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers or fill in the online form and schedule a free consultation with us now. The least you can do is obtain the information and advice you need. It will be up to you if you then decide to enlist our legal services or not.

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